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I can’t think of a better way to spend a fall afternoon than to hang out with this FUN family.

A few weeks ago I photographed my lovely friend Sandi & her very handsome boys in

Marietta Square.  Here is a peek at their session… LDH_1548 LDH_1549 LDH_1554 LDH_1564 LDH_1573 LDH_1590 LDH_1599 LDH_1618 LDH_1631 LDH_1650 LDH_1655 LDH_1717 LDH_1724 LDH_1731 LDH_1737 LDH_1743 LDH_1744 LDH_1755 LDH_1757 LDH_1759

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I had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful mama to be last weekend.

Nicki and her husband are expecting their first baby very soon, a little girl!

Nicki & Andrew are two of the nicest people I’ve ever met & I’m so happy I was able to capture these images for them.

Here is a look at our photo session from this past Sunday afternoon….

LDH_9617 FB LDH_9523 LDH_9542 LDH_9545 LDH_9558 LDH_9562 LDH_9569 LDH_9583 LDH_9594 LDH_9600 LDH_9606 LDH_9608 LDH_9612 LDH_9621 LDH_9623 LDH_9633 LDH_9643 LDH_9647 LDH_9649 LDH_9650 LDH_9655 LDH_9660 LDH_9663 LDH_9671 LDH_9688 LDH_9690 LDH_9699 LDH_9701 LDH_9710 LDH_9713 LDH_9719 LDH_9610 FB

I hope you love your photos, Nicki.  I can’t wait to meet sweet little Lakynn : )

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Nicki Price Pollard

They are fabulous Lisa! You did such a wonderful job! Thank you!

Gail Smith

those are absolutely adorable photos, what a great memory packet for you and the Baby. Love the name and now your husbands Princess has a little super girl on the way. What a BLESSING

Amy Cronic Poole

OMG these are perfect! I love the one of Nicki Price Pollard and Andrew kissing over the belly and pumpkin!!!!

Lea Pope Rosas

Beautiful just beautiful little mama

Alisa Matthews Price

Absolutely perfect!! There is no doubt that Lakynn will be so beautiful! And not just because this Mimi is prejudiced at all!!

Debbie Prince Davis


 Oh sweet, sweet baby Max, how I loved every single minute I got to spend with you during this session.
MAX_ 0008
MAX_ 0004 MAX_ 0007 MAX_ 0015

Future Braves fan & little league superstar: MAX_ 0016 MAX_ 0014 MAX_ 0017 MAX_ 0018 MAX_ 0021 MAX_ 0023 MAX_ 0024 Max 2 back

I’m so excited to see you again for your 3 month session, little one! MAX_ 0001


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Tracy Hunter Allison

These are absolutely precious! So happy for you guys.

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